Hello from Down Under…. If your vajayjay could talk

Vaginal hygieneHow much attention do you give your most intimate body part? Probably a little less than it deserves! Here’s what your bits want to tell you about vaginal hygiene.

Vaginal hygiene is a pretty misunderstood and under-discussed subject but it doesn’t have to be so taboo.

At CremaMia, we’re all about promoting great health in this part of your body. We want to keep things open and answer the questions you have always been afraid to ask.

We’re very well acquainted with all things vagina. Here are some of the things yours would say if it could talk:

“I’m all good inside!”

Although they change regularly, the internal parts of your vagina are self-cleaning. This means there’s never any need to insert cleaning products, even if you are experiencing heavy discharge.

Your vagina’s natural lubricant maintains the right pH balance between your legs. If you notice an unpleasant odour or feel like things aren’t right, your vagina wants you to reach for the phone, not a scrubbing brush! Call your doctor to book an appointment.

And what’s more, tread very carefully before you purchase any product which claims to make you ‘tighter’ or ‘more spiritually balanced’ by working from the inside out. There are some very wacky things out there.

“I love comfy undies”

Bridget Jones was onto something with the granny panties. While g-strings, silk and Spanx can give you a confidence boost (and they definitely have their place in your lingerie drawer), choose a breathable cotton brief for everyday wear to promote good vaginal hygiene.  

Synthetic and non-breathable fabrics can rub. They also make you sweaty and encourage the transfer of bacteria around your private parts, leading to infections.

Listen to your V and put comfort first. Choose fun colours and patterns if you want to liven up your undies.

“Please don’t use that exfoliant on me!”

Those of us who do a lot of hair removal can find an exfoliant helpful for the bikini area but you need to use this product carefully.

Instead of a chemical-laden exfoliant, look for a natural sugar scrub which is less abrasive and dissolves in water. This will be less dehydrating and more suitable for this sensitive area. And exfoliate gently! The skin around your bikini line doesn’t need a lot of pressure.

“I don’t like soap”

While it is fine for use on your hands and other parts of your body, standard soap can dry out your intimate area and even cause a bad reaction.

Your vagina gets sweaty like any other part of your body so to keep it fresh and maintain good vaginal hygiene, a specially formulated intimate wash is recommended.

CremaMia’s Discreet Intimate Wash is lightly scented and contains natural ingredients to keep your delicate areas hygienic. With acacia and chamomile, calendula and coconut oil, this organic feminine hygiene product moisturises and protects your skin. It is also anti-bacterial and anti-fungal.   

“It’s ok, I can handle a pap smear”

A regular pap smear, or cervical screening procedure, is a quick and simple way to check for changes in your cervix.

If you’ve never gone for one, we confess it’s nobody’s favourite reason to visit the doctor. During the procedure, the doctor will insert a speculum into your vagina and gently scrape away some cells (tip: close your eyes, breathe deeply and picture yourself relaxing poolside in a tropical location while it’s happening). It takes less than two minutes and the gathered cells are sent off for testing.

Pap smears are uncomfortable but not painful. If you have a good doctor they will be able to put you at ease, set you up in the right position and help you feel more relaxed so you barely even notice what’s going on down there.

The reason your vagina wants to be booked in is this is the only way to detect abnormal cell growth, which may be an indicator of cancer.

Don’t put that pap smear off! Reward yourself afterwards with a fab new pair of knickers.

“That regular moisturiser isn’t helping”

Hair removal can lead to dryness around your vaginal area, which may have you reaching for the moisturiser to calm itching and inflammation. But as with soap, not all moisturisers are ideal for this part of your body.

It’s so important to select the right products to use on this sensitive part of your body. A good vaginal moisturiser (used externally), replenishes dehydrated, sensitive skin, allowing it to regenerate after shaving, waxing and laser while calming inflammation.

The skin around your vagina needs special treatment to stay fresh, smooth and free of irritation. Choose quality intimate products from CremaMia and your lady-friend will be saying “Thank you!”