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Skincare used to be simple. Natural ingredients were used to make traditional remedies, and these remedies were handed down from generation to generation.

CremaMia’s products emulate just this tradition, and Melissa Cremasco, creator of the CremaMia range, has maintained this in each of her products.

Our range has been traditionally crafted using only the most natural of ingredients and are free from artificial preservatives, colours, and chemicals that can built up and be toxic to the skin on your body.

Our range of body and intimate products combine only the most delicate, hypoallergenic, and natural ingredients to care for even the most sensitive and intimate skin on your body, improving the texture, suppleness and condition of your skin.

We also don’t believe you need too much in your daily self care routine! We all have too much to do already.  We keep it very simple here. You need to cleanse, exfoliate, moisturize and rejuvenate your skin. Of course, if you want to tan or cool after sun exposure, we can look after you.

Enjoy the soothing feeling of our product range. Enjoy the improved suppleness and texture your skin will feel. Enjoy the skin you’re in.

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Our Vision, Values and History

Our Story


Big ideas can often come from small places. And in this case it was in a tiny village called Fontigo, in Treviso, Italy. It was here that the inspiration for CremaMia began.

This is the Italy of Melissa Cremasco’s childhood. The visits back to her mum and dad’s homeland during school holidays taught her to appreciate the simple and traditional things in life; life on the farm; collecting fresh vegetables from the countryside for the evening meal; the spirit of community and friendship. It also taught her to appreciate and respect what nature gives you; Chamomile for lightening hair; aloe vera for scratches and wounds; olive oil for hydration and softening; lavender for redness; and sage for headaches. All these made an impression on Melissa and inspired the creation of CremaMia.

This is the world where CremaMia comes from. And this is CremaMia’s aim – to deliver soothing, sensual and restorative conditioning to skin all over your body, and to use nature’s gifts and answers to achieve this.


The Founder

Travelling to Italy and living within the local philosophy and sharing total celebration of life these people have; has always been an inspiration. They love to live!  So, they only have time for what is truly important. No nonsense about doing unnecessary things… So, when I soaked up that world, I realized we’re really missing out on the basics these days. Everything is too busy, too crazy and too cluttered!  Our beauty routines sound like military training… So, I wanted to bring simplicity and honesty back into our self-care, and I created a range that is natural, simple, non invasive, and all about getting the basics, so you can get on with life.

CremaMia is the culmination of the lifelong dream of Melissa Cremasco. Her childhood experiences in a small rural town in North Italy taught her to respect what tradition and nature can give you. And she has brought this philosophy into CremaMia’s product range. It brings simplicity and honesty back into our skincare, with a range that is natural, simple, and traditional.

Melissa Cremasco’s extensive background in beauty therapy, cosmeceuticals and education has given her an enormous insight into how we unknowingly abuse our skin. But it has also provided her with a deep understanding in how to remedy and treat and look after our skin in the most natural and traditional way. And this is where CremaMia delivers. 20 years of research for the most effective natural body skincare range on the market.

Working extensively with my team we have created the best formulas for CremaMia; a sensual and effective range to naturally care for the skin all over your body.


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