Discreet Intimate Wipes (Pack of 20)



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Calm your bits! Use these wipes to freshen up anywhere, any time.

Compact and refreshing, these unique pH balanced wipes are biodegradable and flushable.

What’s in the wipes?

Acacia and chamomile act as anti-inflammatories, while calendula and coconut oil moisturise and protect the skin. Convenient and portable, these wipes leave you feeling fresh, clean and hygienic.

Sold in packs of 20 for Queens on the go.

3 reviews for Discreet Intimate Wipes (Pack of 20)

  1. Romina Ferla

    I travel a lot and love the Discreet Intimate Wipes, they are great to keep in your bag when your on the run or in a plane and after using them you feel nice and fresh! Love them

  2. Emma Lynam (verified owner)

    These Discreet Intimate Wipes are perfect on the go. Great to freshen up between showering to feel fresh, clean and confident. Plus, they’re biodegradable and flushable! Thanks CremaMia!

  3. Lulu

    These are so perfect for travel. Pop a few in your bag to use on the plane and you will feel like a new woman! Seriously! So convenient. I like using these post gym and exercising too. They leave you feeling fresh and clean. They smell like coconuts too!

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