Seven travel essentials for professional women

SEVEN TRAVEL ESSENTIALS FOR PROFESSIONAL WOMENIf you travel regularly for work, you’ll know how much of a drain it can be. Here’s the ultimate list of travel essentials so you always arrive refreshed.

Travelling for work may seem glamorous when you’re starting out in your career but those of us who do so regularly know it soon becomes exhausting.

From rushing to catch planes to dodgy cab drivers and struggling through a conference with jet-lag, the shine quickly comes off globe-trotting in a big way.

To make life on the road a little easier, we’ve put together a list of seven travel essentials for workin’ gals.

Travel essentials: Sleep aids

1. Travel essentials: Sleep aids

We’re not talking sleeping pills but there you need a few non-negotiables to ensure a good night’s sleep. This includes earplugs, an eye mask and your comfiest pyjamas. You may also want to pop some lavender oil in your travel bag, to create a relaxing aroma to help you drift off.

Throw a couple of sleepy-time teabags in your travel kit and you can brew up a cup of relaxation at the end of your busy day. A sleep-inducing podcast or app is also essential for female business travellers who find themselves struggling to nod off on a plane or in an unfamiliar environment.

2.Comfy undiesComfy Undies to travel with

You can’t sit on a plane in a g-string. It’s horrible. What’s more, having the fabric so tightly against your body could encourage bacteria to spread and give you an infection: not what you want when you’re travelling! Silky or cheap polyester knickers can have the same effect.

Comfy, cotton or bamboo fabric underwear are a must for your travels. Your intimate areas need a little breathing space, after all!

Lately, we’re obsessed with Vee Underwear because they’re comfy and sexy! You could also try out a couple of pairs of ModiBody period undies if you’re concerned ‘Aunt Flo’ will join you on your work trip.

(Read our blog post on what your ‘V’ would say if it was handed a microphone)

3. A scarfScarf

Even during the warmer months, a lightweight scarf always comes in handy.

Your scarf can be a wrap in those freezing cold head offices and event centres. It can give you somewhere to sit down and of course, it can brighten up any outfit. Your scarf can be a pillow or even a tablecloth and you can use it to shield your eyes if you forget your eye mask.

4. Emergency kitEmergency Kit

Restock your emergency kit every time you get home. It’s up to you what you include but we recommend a pocket pack of tissues, your go-to headache tablets, a needle and thread, a few safety pins, some band-aids and a small tube of suncream if you’re headed somewhere hot. Antacids, a small comb and an emergency lippie could also be helpful to have in your kit.

Keep this travel essential in your laptop bag or handbag so you always have what you need when you’re away from home.

5. Bags within bagsBags within bags

Hands up if you hate rummaging through suitcases! Smaller bags are the answer to the problem of a big bag. Be uber-organised and pack what you want to wear each day separately, making everything super easy to find. Or you could keep shirts in one bag, accessories in another and shoes in their own protective sack so they don’t get dirt on your clothes.

Bags within bags also work for plane travel. Pack your carry-on with a snack bag, a toiletries bag and an electronics bag. Store your bigger bag overhead and pull the smaller ones out as you need them.

This concept is a life-saver and can also prevent against a disaster caused by a shampoo spill (we’ve all been there!)

6. Your chargersChargers to pack when you travel

Here’s a travel essentials tip: buy extra chargers. Leave them in your suitcase. Never take them out.

This way you will never get to a hotel with six hours to sleep and three to finish your presentation only to realise your laptop has fifteen minutes of life left and you forgot…. the damn… cable.

7. Your essential toiletriesYour essential toiletries

There are certain things a girl just can’t do without.

An emergency supply of tampons or pads (we recommend Moxie tampons), a refreshing travel sized moisturiser with SPF coverage (UltraViolette and Go-To Skincare are our faves) and a can of dry shampoo will make sure you can keep calm and carry on when you’re travelling.

What’s more, did you know you can know purchase travel-sized personal hygiene wipes to take with you on work trips? Convenient, flushable and biodegradable, CremaMia’s Discreet Intimate Wipes are a refreshing, pH balanced wipe for your intimate areas. With Acacia and chamomile, these act to calm inflammation, moisturise and protect your skin. You’ll feel cool, refreshed and hygienic no matter where you are or how long you have travelled for.

For longer trips or frequent travellers, it’s well worth purchasing a Discreet Intimate Travel pack, which includes Discreet intimate lotion, Discreet intimate lubricant, Discreet intimate wash and seven discrete intimate wipes in a convenient clear zip up bag.

Hit the road with confidence and be prepared so you can focus on building your career, not on feeling exhausted and less than your best.