The Story Of CremaMia

Thanks for visiting CremaMia. If you’ve stumbled across this site, you probably want to know more about the brand and why you should choose us to supply you with organic feminine hygiene products.

MelissaCremascoFirstly, who am I and what is CremaMia?

So who am I? My name is Melissa Cremasco, and I am the founder of CremaMia with an extensive background and education in beauty therapy and cosmeceuticals.
Simply put, CremaMia is a range of intimate products which combine only the most delicate, hypoallergenic and natural ingredients to care for even the most sensitive and intimate skin on your body, improving the texture, suppleness and condition of your skin.

How did CremaMia’s range of organic feminine hygiene products get started?

As a young girl, I spent many holidays visiting my beautiful Nonna in Italy. At her house, I noticed a bidet next to the toilet.

Confused, I used the bidet to wash my feet! Eventually, my mother explained its proper purpose. She told me how important it is to stay clean in your intimate areas to prevent discomfort or infection.

We would always leave Italy with a range of feminine hygiene products as there was so little available in the Australian market. For me, using these products has always been part of life and something I haven’t given a second thought.

Eventually, the lack of quality, organic feminine hygiene products in this country got me thinking… what if I created my own range? When I first had the idea 18 years ago I was busy with my career. I didn’t have a minute to think about launching my business.

Despite putting my own product line on hold, I entered the beauty profession, building my career as a beauty therapist and trainer. The roles I held gave me an understanding of how to remedy and treat your skin without the need for harsh chemicals. Over my 20 year career in the beauty industry, I saw too many times how we unknowingly abuse our skin and I always sought out the most natural, traditional products.

As it often does, having children changed things for me. I wanted to break free from my corporate role and create a product which would help other women. It would be made from all natural ingredients and would be delicate, light and beautifully packaged.

I can’t say the road has been easy! Launching a brand new product is a challenge for anyone. But once I got going, I found I couldn’t stop!

It all started with one

Using my knowledge from my career working with skincare and beauty products, I started with an organic feminine hygiene wash, formulated using carefully researched ingredients. From there, it made sense to add a moisturising lotion to the range for women who want a cool and refreshing solution for an irritated bikini line.

Not long after creating my lotion and wash, I noticed the bottles weren’t so convenient for travelling, which can be when you need these products most! I looked into baby-wipes style packaging but eventually settled on individual wipes which are flushable and biodegradable.

These handy intimate travel wipes are spot-on for a quick trip to the airport bathroom or even a subtle freshening up ahead of a romantic encounter. They can be popped in your luggage, backpack or handbag.

Then someone pointed out how few truly lovely organic lubricants there are on the market and how much demand there actually is from women of all ages. When creating my Discreet Intimate Lubricant, I made sure it was water-based, gentle and long-lasting.

In terms of packaging, being proud of my family heritage meant I chose my family crest to display on the bottle. I chose the name CremaMia to reflect my Italian background as well. ‘Crema’ translated to ‘Cream’ and ‘Mia’ means mine. So it is my cream… but also yours!

Breaking the taboo of feminine hygiene productsBreaking the taboo of feminine hygiene products

I’ve been lucky to never feel ashamed of my body but many women grow up being actively encouraged not to talk about their intimate areas.

As well as sharing organic feminine hygiene products with women who want quality solutions, one of my goals is to help lift the lid on the many feminine issues which are never discussed.

The CremaMia blog will answer questions you always wondered about but didn’t know who to ask. This includes clearing up the confusion over which products are essential when it comes to your intimate areas and which ones you can do without (I’m looking at you, vagina egg).

It’s important to me that as women we support each other. This means talking about childbirth, menopause, even those funny smells our bodies can create. It’s ok to talk! We all have so many shared experiences.

I hope you love my products as much as I love bringing them to you and I’m always excited to hear your feedback. Email me with your questions or suggestions at And keep an eye on the website! We will have more beautiful organic products coming your way soon.