Discreet Intimate Travel Pack



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Purse-sized for convenience, our travel collection keeps you fresh and clean no matter where you are.

Take our entire range with you when you’re on the road and feel great downstairs.

What you get

Your travel-sized pack of goodies contains:

  • Discreet intimate lotion
  • Discreet intimate lubricant
  • Discreet intimate wash
  • 7 discrete intimate wipes
  • Reusable clear zip up bag

Organic, soap-free and pH balanced, you’ll feel fresh and confident wherever you go.


3 reviews for Discreet Intimate Travel Pack

  1. Romina Ferla

    I travel a lot and love this travel pack it has everything you need! Discreet Intimate Wipes are great to keep in your bag when your on the run or in a plane and after using them you feel nice and fresh! Love them

  2. Irene

    Beautiful product!! Lovely on the skin and soothing ????

  3. Heidi

    Great value pack! All the products are great and work well for me and my sensitive skin so this is a great top up pack. Plus the wipes are handy for keeping in my bag to use whenever I like.

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