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Complete your hair removal routine with this softening, moisturising skin lotion, specially formulated for intimate areas.

Why use our lotion?

Soothing and lightly scented, CremaMia’s pH balanced lotion moisturises the skin around your intimate areas.

Use this lotion to replenish dehydrated sensitive skin, allowing it to regenerate after shaving, waxing and laser.

Marshmallow extract soothes and softens, hyaluronic acid retains moisture, while cucumber extract calms the skin. You’ll feel fresher and better after hair removal, with less redness and discomfort.

A purpose-made moisturiser? ‘Vadonna’ says YES!

5 reviews for Discreet Intimate Lotion

  1. Ange

    I recently purchased the DISCREET INTIMATE LOTION post a few laser treatments. Although my skin wasn’t dry, it need something to restore its balance and help with overall irritation. Being winter and having warmer showers this also probably contributed to me searching for a natural product.

    I found the cucumber was extremely calming with the overall redness. I didn’t need much, just a dot of the lotion was enough to cover the area that needed it.
    Will definitely purchase again…. Thanks +++

  2. Bea

    I am so glad I have found this lotion that has solved my skin irritation after shaving my intimate area. I have very sensitive skin and even though I have tried many products before, none of them have been able to help me with this problem. Using the discreet lotion I feel like my skin is really soothed and regenerated even after I shave or wax. I love the scent and the fact that it’s made with natural ingredients makes me appreciate it more.

  3. Ile

    I had some irritation on the area, I used this lotion and felt instant calming and soothing.
    I’ve also used it for regular hydration. Excellent product and easy to carry in your handbag.

  4. Lulu

    I adore this product! I can’t believe I wasn’t using a specialized product to treat the delicate skin in this area before. Game changer. It’s perfect post laser and shaving. My bikini line is now hydrated, soothed and happy!

  5. Laura

    Absolutely love this lotion – have used it after waxing and laser hair removal. Easily absorbs in the skin and feels so nice afterwards, so calming after a treatment.

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