No, no… just no. These are the feminine hygiene products you DON’T need

Feminine Hygiene Products You Don't NeedThere are some unbelievably weird feminine hygiene products on the market, a few of which can be harmful. Here are the items you shouldn’t waste money on.

Mamma mia!

We didn’t believe it when we saw it.

When the Jamu Stick popped up in our social media feed, we were sure it wasn’t real.

If you haven’t seen this product yet, it claims to “remove the dead skin cells of the superficial layer of the skin, thereby regenerating and balancing the natural microbial flora” in your vagina. This Jamu Stick is actually encouraging users to kind of, well, exfoliate the inside of their precious lady garden so it is “smoother and tighter”.

It claims to be “all natural” and made from a “secret recipe passed down from generation to generation for thousands of years”.

Ummm, hello?

Please please please, never ever use this product. Even if it claims it will help you “feel like a virgin again” it will make your “yoni smell like a fresh waterfall”. Seriously. Nobody’s ‘yoni’ smells like a fresh waterfall.

As doctors explain, all this product will do is dry the inside of your vagina, potentially damaging the delicate membranes and making sex uncomfortable.

Using a product like this can actually be dangerous. Sites like Etsy have withdrawn sales of the Jamu Stick after people pointed out the loopiness of them, which is a very good thing.

Just in case you’re confused, here are a few others to stay away from:

Herbal womb detox pearls

Your womb is perfectly happy doing its own thing, and if it’s not, herbal detox pearls aren’t gonna change anything.

Apparently, these, when left inserted for three days, can not only reduce infections but help you let go of spiritual trauma and pain.

The thing is, doctors say using these things could upset the pH balance of your lady parts, which can cause infections.
There isn’t really anything, even a feminine hygiene product, which should be left in your vagina for three days. Short visits only!

Jade vagina eggs

While we’re on the subject, the only eggs which belong inside you are the ones you eat for breakfast and the ones your ovaries produce.

Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop site came under fire for promoting a jade vagina egg product, promoting benefits such as increased vaginal muscle tone, hormonal balance and better feminine energy. Just pop your egg in overnight and voila! You’re a better female.

But, uh-oh. Goop had a consumer protection lawsuit filed against it over this one because there was no science to back up the claims.

So save your pennies. You don’t need a vagina egg.

The feminine hygiene products you should use

The truth is the inside of your vagina is self-managing. It works as its own cleaning service, so long as you are free from infection. The mucous and vaginal discharge you notice are nature’s own way of maintaining pH balance on the inside so there’s never a need to insert a cleaning product.

When it comes to feminine hygiene products, it’s more about the skin on the outside. This part of your body can get sweaty and itchy so you do need to give it some love.

A gentle, soap-free feminine wash will help refresh and hydrate the outside of your private parts without causing dryness or irritation. If you’re a regular traveller, you may find it handy to keep a pack of intimate travel wipes with you.

You will find a specially formulated intimate lotion can soothe the areas of your vagina which become inflamed because of shaving, waxing or laser. Again, the more natural the product, the more gentle it is on your sensitive skin.

Your vagina will also be grateful for a quality intimate lubricant. Yes, this is technically an internal product but it contains natural ingredients and will not interfere with your body’s natural pH balance.

So there you have it! If you’re looking for vaginal or feminine hygiene products, do your research and stay away from fads! Stick with natural, organic solutions which don’t share outrageous claims like making your yoni sing opera to you every morning.

We doubt we’ll be seeing the Jamu Stick for much longer…

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